THE LOOK is a dynamic duo who are guaranteed to get the party rocking whatever the occasion!

Though Ian and Sue's roots are firmly anchored in British soil their destiny was to send them half way around the world eventually to meet per chance in a South African recording studio!

From the tender age of six Suzie had been tearing up the stage, singing in her Dad's band in and around Leicester. Even then her distinctive raunchy style was evident and whilst still in her teens she moved to London and began performing with various club bands.

Ian was twelve when his family emigrated to South Africa. His musical talents became evident in high school where he learned to play the drums and bass guitar. Soon after graduation he began playing and singing lead vocals with a highly successful gig band in Johannesburg. In 1986 he co-founded the acclaimed pop group 'Cinema' which had a number of hits in the national charts and was voted as South Africa's top band in 1987. It was during the recording of Cinema's first album that lan met his future wife Sue who had been booked as a session singer on the duet 'Without You'.

Suzy had fallen in love with Africa after a brief holiday and decided, to stay on. A long career in the South African music industry was to follow starting with cabaret performances at a chain of top hotels and nightspots in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. She was signed up by EMI talent scouts and released a single entitled 'It should have been me'. This led to a prestigious music award for 'Best new female artist'. A host of recording and live work followed with Suzy touring throughout the sub-continent impressing audiences with her dynamic renditions of classic songs from various artists.

Individually and as a band Suzy and Ian have enjoyed many years of session work and have collaborated with various South African producers in the studio on projects ranging from TV jingles to backing vocals, voice-overs and soundtracks.

Now back in the UK Ian and Suzy have combined their talents once again to form one of the most versatile duos around. With a wide and varied repertoire of material and years of experience as professional performers THE LOOK has the sophisticated style and vocal ability to captivate the crowds, every time!




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