Rob Jennings is a solo performer, using the very best available backing tracks to recreate an era when dance music was designed to fill the dance-floor and when the movers sang out their emotions to the great sounds of Motown and Soul.

The SoulMan act came into existence in Autumn, 2003. Before that, Rob had his own 7-piece soul band, performing in the UK and in continental Europe. This band was noted for the dynamic performances of its lead singer now working as The SoulMan.

Rob is The SoulMan in more ways than one. He grew up listening to Classic Soul and Tamla Motown, visiting many local dance-halls and seeing live events whenever possible. His first musical endeavours always included covers of songs made famous by his idols.

The range of songs performed by The SoulMan is truly incredible; from the throaty sounds of Sam & Dave, Otis Redding and Wilson Picket to the velvet smooth offerings of Smokey Robinson, Jackie Wilson, Martha Reeves and The Temptations. This is party music, performed in way that makes dancing, singing and having a good time, truly irresistible.

What makes music soulful? It has to be the passion in the performance and the ability to invest every word with heartfelt emotion. It was these characteristics that made the songs of the Soul and Motown era precious to so many people in the 1960s and 1970s. This ability is something that an artiste is born with and Rob uses this to get his message across to party-goers of all ages.

The potential audience for this music is vast; ranging from those that were there first time around to those converted to the cause by revivalists such as The Blues Brothers and The Commitments and to the younger generation constantly stealing their parents CDs.

The core of the act is always Classic Soul and Tamla Motown. Sets performed on any given night may, depending on the occasion, also include elements of 1960s Northern Soul or 1970s disco.

Book this act only if youre ready to party !  




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