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Kyle Summers International Close up Magician

Contemporary magician Kyle Summers is one of the most in-demand close up magicians in the UK. He moved to England in 1997, having originated from California. Raised in an entertainment community and being naturally extroverted, it is not surprising that he was drawn to the glitz of show business. He studied drama at UCLA and toured as a stage actor for two years, ultimately gaining guest starring roles in a number of high-profile TV productions.

Magician Kyle Summers

Kyle says: “As a kid, I was always into superheroes Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, Superman, you name it. I was ‘super-powers’ crazy. Actually, nothing’s changed there. It was my fascination with people being able to do things that they’re not meant to be able to do that drew me to becoming a magician. It is, after all, the only chance any of us are going to get to see even the illusion of something super-normal.

Opportunities drew me into the acting world, but close up magic always pulled me back again. There is nothing like being a close up magician in the whole sphere of entertainment. To perform an effect for someone that appears to breach the laws of nature to see that jaw-dropped look of astonishment on someone’s face, it’s a rush and a thrill that acting could never give to me. When it’s close-up table magic rather than on stage there is no substitute. It’s uncompromising. It’s right before your eyes and every time I go to work I go to a party your party. What more could anyone ask? This is fun and to me, fun is more important than anything else and being a close up magician gave me that.”

London Magician

Before long, Kyle found himself performing as a table magician for numerous prestigious clients in the UK and Europe.

In England, Kyle was very quickly accepted into the esteemed British entertainers union, Equity and passed the entrance examination to the world-renowned Magic Circle upon his first attempt. His clients have included some of the most distinguished members of high society such as Lord Bamford and Lord McKay and he has entertained a host of celebrities including international movie director Michael Winner. Kyle has extended his knowledge and skill to the cutting edge to be the best close up magician you can ever see, although Kyle does keep his feet most definitely on the ground as far as his fees are concerned and has a true understanding of the economical climate we are in.

With the rise in popularity of close up magicians, Kyle uses the most sophisticated techniques known to exist within the art of magic. His dynamic approach as a close up magician and his Californian sparkle, combined with some of the most advanced magic to date ensures the success of any event.

Party Magician Kyle Summers

Table Magician UK

As one of the UK's leading table magicians, Kyle performs table magic frequently at weddings and civil partnerships throughout Great Britain. He has also achieved great popularity performing as a party magician for birthdays and office parties and as an engaging corporate magician for annual dinners, awards ceremonies and hospitality events.

Wherever you are in the UK, Kyle will travel to bring amazement and levity with his close up magic to your special event. Examples of his frequent performance areas are London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Cambridge, Carlisle, Peterborough and Canterbury to say the least.

 Close up Magician- Table Magician

Close-up magic is a commercial term used to describe ‘micro-magic.’ Its other well-known name is ‘table magic,’ because the effects are performed close to the audience, providing the most interactive and mesmerizing style of illusions. It can even happen in the hands of the audience member something that cannot happen if the person is watching it all happen on stage or on the other side of a television screen, a close up magician is the supremo ultimo.

Close-up magicians are often called a table magicians because they perform short displays at tables as a form of dinner entertainment, in-between the courses of the meal. However, this is not always the case. It can also be performed at the bar, in a crowd, in a shopping centre or in the street as demonstrated by notable close-up magicians, David Blaine and Dynamo.
As a close up magician, Kyle has been greatly influenced by an array of famous close up magicians and table magicians. His distinguished favourites include the magician James Randi and not forgetting Penn & Teller who perform eccentric, masterful illusions with a rather psychotic twist. They specialize in performing effects and illusions greatly associating them with Las Vegas and all the pomp and circumstance that go with it. Pure libertines of their art Penn & Teller take no prisoners and are super vigilant in exposing frauds and con artists.

Derren Brown is British and a formidable bastion of mentalist illusions and performs also with short stunts as a close up magician. He is famously known for his mind-reading act, however, his origins lay in close up and table magic.

Magician Kyle Summers says:
“I feel privileged to be a close-up table magician contemporary of these guys and I never get over the fact that I make a living doing what they do. As a close up magician, it is my job, as it is the job any magician to give people a sense of wonder and astonishment. We’ve got the best job in the world.”

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