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Garp Toons, Caricaturist

Garp Toons

After learning to draw people as caricatures to pass the time after a nasty twisted ankle experience on a lower-school adventure holiday to Wales at the age of 12, Garp became fascinated with the complexities & potential fun that can be had capturing likenesses & individual's unique expressions!

Garp has spent most of 2008 being extremely busy & popular with tourists in the winter resort of Chamonix in France
& spent the entire summer drawing hundreds of very satisfied tourists on the island of Corfu.

In regards to on-the-spot cartoons Garp is a break from the mould, his style lends itself to less-offensive & more
wall-hanging-friendly take on the caricature format, making sure the guests laugh at the creations, without being totally mortified with the results- unless
the client requests otherwise!! He can not only capture a great likeness to a high standard within 5 minutes, but he is also available to do quick colour works, which with his tried & tested & rather unique technique, mean that a vibrant creation on A4 paper can be complete in as little as (a true) 6-8 minutes each, making him easily one of the very fastest colour cartoon/ caricature artists in
the UK! His work has spanned many very successful weddings, capturing the attention, entertaining & fully relieving any potential boredom of adults & children alike, turning is skills into very much a specator's sport!

He is also a keen & patient tutor & has undertaken many Cartoon Workshops on wedding days to pass the time for childen (& adults!) who may become restless during the proceedings of a long cerimonious day, providing this at an additional fee, this comes with all the tools & materials required to keep them busy & interested for a good hour or so!

Garp has performed at many corporate occasions including functions for TNT at their gala events & UBS the Swiss bank at the 02 dome , ... his fun & less offensive style make the works on company/ promotional headed paper all the more likely to make it's way to a location to be veiwed by many for years to come, thus making using this individual as a means of entertaining promotion for your trade & company events all the more valuable!

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