With a Cambridge art school background, Luisa Calvo is one of the UK's leading caricaturists. Working extensively throughout Europe and the UK since 1985, Luisa has shown her talent at all manner of private and public functions, producing 12 - 15 caricatures per hour. During her European travels, she made a four month daily TV appearance, in which she sketched celebrities while they were being interviewed, including HRH Prince Phillip of Spain.


The BBC were quick to spot Luisa's ability, and commissioned her work for various productions including 'Jonathan Creek', 'One foot in the grave' and 'Beasts'. She has also appeared in front of the BBC cameras when interviewed about her work, and she produced the magnificent mural for the National Television Awards 2000 at the Royal Albert Hall in London.


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*NEW* Luisa also offers Digital Carticatures

State of the Art tablet PC Caricatures, projected onto plasma screen, printed out and/or emailed to your clients.

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