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Chrissy started her career in the U.K. on the club circuit. As cabaret duo “Intuition” Chrissy and her sister travelled the world.

Whilst working in Paris Chrissy was spotted by Greek singing sensation Demis Roussos, and joined his band as backing and feature vocalist touring with him for three years.

Chrissie CaneDeciding on a solo career Chrissy accepted a six month contract to front a band in South Africa. After only six weeks in the country Chrissy was signed by E.M.I Johannesburg, which led to her staying in South Africa for 15years instead of the initial six months.

Chrissy performed in many varied aspects of the South African music industry including the Miss South Africa and Miss World beauty pageants, where she performed along side international artists such as Grace Jones and George Benson.

She has also performed for the state president Thabo Mbeki and ex –President Nelson Mandela.

Chrissie CaineDuring her time in South Africa however she continued to form international contacts. One such contact in Italy led to a dance chart success in the summer of 2000.To capitalise on this success Chrissy re-located to Italy.

In December 2001 she was a guest on the “INCONTRI DELLA MUSICA” collaboration with Carl Anderson of Jesus Christ Superstar which was performed at the Theatre Augusteo in Salerno.

The success of that show led to another performance with a full symphony orchestra at Ravello’s Villa Rufolo to celebrate the centenary of Richard Rodgers.

Chrissy is currently in negotiation with an independent label recording company in Naples to follow up her dance release. She continues to perform live both nationally and internationally.