Comedians & Drag Artists

Our Comedians and Drag Artists for Variety Sporting, Adult and After Dinner events are available in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Norfolk and the throughout UK

Variety, Sporting, Adult and After Dinner Comedians


Lester Crabtree

Aaron James

Jed Stone

Sid Dennis

Simon Sands

Gary Kemsley

Alfie Moore

Ade Rollason

Micky John Bull

Lee Carroll

Kevin Devane

John Stiles

Stephen Ward

Bob Webb

Jeff Stevenson

Johnny Tait

Ian Richards

Ian Irving

Mick Martin

Gary Marshall

Mike Cassidy

Billy Bean

Russ Williams

Drew Cameron

Les Gibson

Paul Adams

Brendan Healy 

Tony Jo 

Paul Boardman 


Mike Farrell

Austin Knight


Comedians - Drag Artists

Fabulous Dresses, outrageous gags, and great vocals and Mime.
Your first choice Entertainment for Hen Nights, Cabaret, and Gay venues

Jet Black

Adrian James

Claire Chantelle

Tiffany Wells 

Amber Dexterous

Steven Lee



Comedian: Aaron James

Comedian: Ian Richards

Comedian: Russ Williams

Comedian: Sid Dennis

Drag artiste: Jet Black


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